Be Free & Shine

Your Magical Greece Retreat 


Insider Tip: Andros 

The cloudless skies, the deep blue seas… the Cyclades islands of light are full of mysticism and magic. The history of their origins alone is impressive: numerous parts of the mainland have sunk into the sea over the course of history, including the mythical Atlantis. Over 200 islands circle Delos, the holy island dedicated to the god Apollon, the ancient centre of the Cyclades. It is said that the Cyclades were the playground of the gods and that Greek culture began here. The Cyclades island Andros - with its beautiful isolated beaches, waterfalls and springs, is still the insider tip among the Cyclades. If you are looking for peace and quiet and just want to enjoy life, you should visit Andros. Together we will discover the unique magic of Andros with its Venetian relics, untouched dream beaches, and idyllic villages.  

In your MAGICAL GREECE RETREAT, with the help of the ULTIMATE FREEDOM PROCESS, you learn: 

  • How to leave the problem level and master your thoughts and emotions  
  • Breaking free from inner limits and beliefs  
  • How to bring light to all areas of your life  
  • How to increase your energy and consciousness level and recognize your true nature  
  •  How to have happy relationships and experience love as a state of being  
  • How to combine wisdom and values with material abundance  
  •  How to develop your talents in the best possible way  
  • How best to follow your purpose in life and serve the world  


Villas by the sea 

Our retreat will take place in individual charming villas by the sea, hidden in a beautiful bay on the east coast of Andros. The houses are built with natural local materials. The vegetarian meals (full board included) are mainly prepared with ingredients from our own certified organic cultivation. The beach at our retreat is one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, full of brilliant tones and iridescent shadows, fine white sand and emerald green water. Arrive via Athens or Mykonos, then travel by boat to Andros. (It is also possible to travel together with other seminar participants).  

Be Free & Shine Take yourself and your life to a new level. Your time here is limited! Every moment is precious!  

WISDOM Discover your true nature and that you are so much more than you think you are, that you are greater than any challenge, any doubt, any fear. You learn to know and apply the most important keys to inner mastery and wisdom.  


How to increase your energy and consciousness level, have more energy, radiate from within and achieve more with less effort. You will learn the most important energy laws, how to lose energy, how to preserve it and how to activate it.  


How best to follow your passion and purpose in life, what you love to do, be successful, use your talents and serve the world.


How to gain clarity in difficult decisions, overcome uncertainties and focus on the essentials.  

JOY & LIGHTNESS You will leave the problem level, bring lightness into all areas of your life, learn to live carefree, to rest in yourself, to develop serenity, to deal wisely with challenges and to get rid of bad habits. You grow to your full size.

ABUNDANCE You will learn to apply the seed principle and the universal laws of success, how to sow the right seeds to manifest what you care about, how to succeed, what you love to do, and how to create abundance within and without.


Invest in Yourself

Premium Package  

7 days Seminar: 4 hours daily  

Seminar: Questionnaire for preparation  

7 days in double room and vegetarian full board, coffee and yogi tea (Single occupancy on request)  

  with partner: for the 2nd person  

Diamant Package

7 days Seminar: 4 hours daily  

Seminar: Questionnaire for preparation  

2 x ONE TO ONE Coachings (Before, during or after the retreat increases focus and effectiveness in everyday life)  

7 days in double room and vegetarian full board, coffee and yogi tea (Single occupancy on request)  




How your retreat works! Over 7 days you will participate for 4 hours daily in intensive seminar sessions, usually in the morning, so that in the afternoon we have time for excursions, swimming and relaxation. This retreat is designed to make you feel free and at the same time embedded in the group. You can freely arrange your time beyond the seminar time, as it suits you, with the group or for yourself.

I am author of twelve books, journalist M.A. and have been advising founders, farmers, entrepreneurs, managers, well-known personalities, doctors, coaches, alternative practitioners, craftsmen, teachers and many others for over twenty years.  

Since childhood I remember being carefree. I always knew that this was our true nature, that we had become much too complicated. I was determined not to rest until I felt completely free. I investigated what makes me and humanity suffer and what the way out is.

Since I experienced a deep radical transformation, a complete inner peace at the age of 33, I have dedicated my life to enabling other people to live an equally free and fulfilled life.  

I know from my own experience what it means when we get out of balance, but also that it is possible to free yourself from all burdens and attain inner freedom. My clear view of a person's potential and destiny, the core of his problems and their simple solution, has enabled many people to free themselves from their burdens, to gain clarity and to recognize the wealth within them.  

I do not follow any particular philosophy. For me life is the master and the test. In the end the result counts and how happily we live every day. For 30 years I have been happy with my husband, which I feel is a great gift.  

  Barbara Voedisch