BE LOVE # How to leave the problem level in relationships    

Do the everyday arguments with your partner, your children, your parents or your boss cost you a lot of energy? Would you like to have a more loving partnership or are you still looking for the right one? Would you like to know how you can get more respect, resolve conflicts better, open up, or accept yourself more? 

Relationships are incredible gifts, but they can also be challenging. Nothing moves and touches us more than our relationships. We feel hurt, angry, insufficiently respected or guilty. Sometimes we don't recognize ourselves. We are stuck in our emotions and relationship patterns and become entangled. Relationships push us to our limits, force us to look in the mirror and grow beyond ourselves. But above all, they force us to open up to pure love, to learn to love ourselves and to open ourselves to love as a state of being. If we want to love and be loved unencumbered again, we must remember this love, our origin. Love as a state of being always makes you feel secure, no matter how other people behave towards you. You live easily and love as if you had never been hurt.    

What would your life look like if love were your only reality? When every moment of your life is carried by love and goodness and your relationships, your whole life would be free and unencumbered? 

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With BE LOVE, experience love as a state of being, in a depth that can only be found in your original state. This experience profoundly changes your relationship with yourself and your life. BE LOVE - Know your true nature and that you are so much more than you believe.  

  • Heal difficult relationship patterns on a deep cellular level. Learn to love unburdened again.  
  • Learn to say no without guilt, to protect yourself from negative influences and about properly giving and taking.  
  • Attract the right partner. Find your soulmate. Live a soul partnership.  
  • No matter whether it is about romantic relationships, business contacts, family or friendly ties, learn to sow the right seeds to lead fulfilled relationships and experience your partnership as a gift.  
  • Accept your power, get rid of entanglements and false responsibilities, defuse conflicts, and turn quarrels into love. You will also learn to deal with criticism calmly and how to see your needs met without fighting.  
  • What makes relationships happy: The 5 most important keys to happy relationships. Benefit also from my experience from a 30-year-long happy relationship. 
  • Manifest material abundance with love. Use love, the strongest force in the universe, for your success. 
  • Learn how to behave wisely in relationships, using them as keys to inner mastery. 

In love everything finds its way back into balance. Just by opening yourself to it, injuries, physical symptoms and relationship problems can heal.  


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The consciousness of your true being will take up more and more space in your life. One moment will follow the other. And one day you will remember forever your existence in unconditional love. You return home.

Barbara Voedisch  

BE LOVE - The 4 Steps Process

Master your thoughts and emotions

How to use relationships as a key to inner mastery and master your thoughts and emotions. Mastery of your thoughts and feelings allows you to be secure in yourself and to live relationships as you and your being are. You no longer get entangled so quickly and gain a healthy distance. You will release old faith patterns in order to love freely and unburdened. 




Leave the problem level 

Einstein already said that you can't solve a problem on the level at which it arose, you have to change the level. Here you learn to understand the nature of problems in love. You will raise your emotional, mental and energy levels, bring more light into your life and find a simple solution for challenging relationships and life problems.


Experience love as a state of being

Experience love as a state of being with BE LOVE. Unconditional love is your true being. In everyday consciousness, it is often difficult to be aware of this love, to remember who and what you really are. In order to feel truly loved again and to live unburdened relationships, you will remember BE LOVE, love as a state of being; because you are love. Experience what unconditional love really is and the secret to appropriate giving and taking. 

Sow the right seeds for happy relationships 

Learn to sow the right seeds in order to have rewarding relationships, to attract the right partner, customer and business partners and to still feel that your partnership is fulfilling and valuable after many years. Learn more about the 5 most important laws of happy relationships and how to experience more ease and peace in your relationships.


The pure, unadulterated love of one can
neutralize the hatred of millions.
Mahathma Gandhi

BE LOVE - The consciousness of your true being will take up more and more space in your life. One moment will follow the other. And one day you will remember forever your existence in unconditional love. You return home. - Barbara Vödisch 

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2 days intensive seminar  

Preparation of questionnaire 





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2 days intensive seminar  

Preparation of questionnaire

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1 ONE ON ONE After the seminar (better integration into everyday life) 

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The true lover simply loves and finds love in everything. 
Barbara Vödisch 

 Start and sequence of your BE LOVE Process:  

Your BE LOVE Process starts with a questionnaire that you will receive before the course starts. It allows you to gain clarity and tune in to the process so that it shows the best possible results.

We start on Saturday at 10 a.m. We end on Sunday at around 4 p.m.

We also focus on the practical implementation of how you can live BE LOVE in your daily life and achieve results. There is also room for questions & answers. Please bring a notepad, a pillow & a blanket.

If you decide to love every moment of every day,
finally your whole life will be carried by love.
Barbara Vödisch

About Barbara Voedisch  

I am the author of twelve books, journalist M.A. and have advised as a relationship, high energy and business coach for entrepreneurs, managers, well-known personalities, physicians, scientists, coaches and many others for more than twenty years.

From childhood onwards I remembered being carefree. I always knew that this was our true nature, that we had become much too complicated. I was determined not to rest until she felt completely free. I examined what makes me and humanity suffer and what the way out is.

Since I experienced a deep radical transformation, a complete inner peace at the age of 33, I have dedicated my life to enabling others to live an equally free and fulfilling life. I know what it feels like when we get out of balance, but just as it is possible to free you from all burdens and gain inner freedom. My clear view of a person's potential and destiny, the core of his problems and their simple solution, has enabled many people to free themselves from their burdens, to gain clarity and to recognize the wealth within them.

I do not follow any particular philosophy. For myself, life is the master and the test. In the end, what counts is the result and how happily we live every day. For 30 years I have been happily married to my husband, which I consider as a great gift.


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