Your Ultimate Leadership Experience on Bali

Where business & success meets wisdom & personal growth






Work with world-renowned leadership and success experts, and connect with other like-minded business owners and leaders — all set in the midst of beautiful Bali.  



Too many business owners and leaders feel overwhelmed, financially stressed, and exhausted. And often in the pursuit to be successful, leaders forget how to enjoy every minute of their work. Discover the secrets to effective leadership, wisdom and personal growth and let the Ultimate Leadership Experience guide you to achieving the success you truly deserve — all while exploring the best that Bali has to offer. In the program, you’ll learn: 

  • How to apply the universal laws of success 
  • How to avoid stress  
  • How to deal with challenges wisely  
  • How to uncover what robs you of your energy  
  • How to maximise your time, earning more by doing less  
  • How to sharpen your focus 
  • How to shift your money beliefs and habits  

This personal and professional growth retreat is for any leader, business owner, manager or people who want to elevate themselves, create their own future and take their business or career sky-high. Having worked with leaders from Fortune 500 companies, right through to non-profits, our leadership and success experts are passionate about helping people succeed.  

If you ’re feeling stressed, time poor and want more in life and business, then this retreat is for you. You’ll leave equipped with a plan and mindset to lead with confidence and clarity to deal calmly with challenges, to live successfully and happily,  

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to take a quantum leap in your personal and professional growth.




By removing yourself from your day-to-day habits, you’ll find the leader within and embark on a transformation in a stunning, relaxing environment. Bali is an amazing holiday destination for good reason, because it provides the perfect getaway from everyday distractions. This means you’ll have time to reflect and focus solely on you, your career and your business — setting yourself up for future growth.  

You’ll leave Bali feeling clear, confident, full of positive energy, calmly and with the right mindset and action plan for leadership, success & wealth.  


Bali is a magical place. It’s the perfect spot to unplug from the daily grind and re-connect with yourself. While here, you’ll not only learn techniques and tools to become a more successful leader, but you’ll also engage spiritually with your beautiful surrounds. Explore some of the many experiences on offer. 

Explore temples and waterfalls

Bali has some of the most beautiful temples in the world. Several of which are just a stone’s throw from your retreat hotel. And with over 10,000 to choose from, there’s certainly no shortage! If temples aren’t your thing, then take a relaxing shower or bathe in one of the many beautiful waterfalls. .

 Visit a Balinese high priest

 From early childhood, these future ‘pedandas’ (high priests) learn the ancient language Sanskrit, studying traditional religious texts, philosophical writings and exploring ancient wisdom that are initiated into the secret teachings. Gain a unique perspective from a consultation with a pedanda


  Relax with a massage, wellness, yoga or diving  

The resort offers a variety of excellent massages, including: Ayurveda, Balinese, detox, foot reflexes and more. Centre yourself before your leadership training with a daily yoga class, or explore the underwater world with a dive package.

Get a palm leaf reading

The art of palm leaf reading is a tradition that has existed for over 3000 years. Find the answers to your questions with a reading from the Brahmin (a high priest and traditional palm leaf reader.)  

Experience wellness with traditional healing

Book a traditional healing session with a ‘Balian’ (shaman) and take part in a cleaning ceremony performed on the beach. These healers still actively practice ancient methods, working with medicinal herbs, oils and special massage techniques dedicated to spiritual and physical healing.

Take to the seas on a dolphin tour

Instead of sitting in traffic driving to work, imagine starting your day with an early morning by boat ride to see dolphins glide and dance beneath the waves. You may even be lucky enough to spot a whale.




The Ultimate Leadership Experience covers 6 key principles. In each principle, you’ll learn methods and tools that have real-world, professional applications.  


Get to know the secrets of the wealthy and how to implement those into your daily life. Create abundance in everything you do. Shift your money beliefs and habits


Understand how to lead with confidence and clarity, and free yourself from feeling overwhelmed, financially stressed and exhausted. 


Get to know the universal principles of success and discover how to sow the right seeds to manifest what’s close to your heart. Loving what you do is key to creating abundance, both internally and externally.  


 Learn the most important keys to wisdom and how to deal with challenges wisely. Using these keys you’ll be able to comprehend how to build better relationships with your colleagues or boss, to attract the right business partner or clients to get your business grow.  


Explore how to raise your energy and consciousness level, be more energetic, radiate within, and achieve more with less effort. The program will help you understand how energy is lost, how to save energy, and develop techniques to feel empowered. 


Sharpen your focus, follow your passion and purpose in life and unfold your talents to serve others. Get to know how to manifest great visions, to think big, act extraordinary and support others to develop their greatness. 

Premium Package  

5 days Intensiv Seminar Questionnaire for preparation 


Visit of the holy waterfall  

1 Balinese massage Time to explore Bali and to relax  


Diamant Package  

5 days Intensiv Seminar Questionnaire for preparation 

  2 ONE ON ONE with Adriana and Barbara  

Visit of the holy waterfall  

1 Balinese massage Time to explore Bali and to relax  


You can book your room directly at the Holiway Garden Resort. You can also book an entire villa. 



How your retreat is going!  

On 5 days you will participate in intensive seminar sessions. But you also will have time for excursions, wellness & massages, swimming, relaxation, reflection and exchange with others. You will have the opportunity to explore Bali, go on excursions with the group. If you prefer to lie by the pool and swim in the sea, this is also welcome. We have designed this retreat that you can feel free and at the same time embedded in the group and can spend your time as you please.


  The true leader knows how to serve, to put his abilities at the service of something great. He guides through his natural example, through inner wealth, wisdom, generosity & goodness. He knows the laws of manifestation and the realization of great visions. He thinks and acts extraordinary and helps others to develop their greatness. He does not want to be someone, but knows who he is, wants to make his contribution to make this world a better place. Barbara Voedisch

Adriana Juan (Melbourne/Australia) is the CEO of Elevar Consulting Group and an authority in the field of leadership training. She understands that the secret to successful leadership goes well beyond the workplace; it lies in a holistic attitude to living life. Her experience working with leaders from all walks of life — from Fortune 500 companies to non-profits — has taught her that there’s an inherent connection between professional success and personal growth. Through the Ultimate Leadership Experience retreat, Adriana aims to help leaders work on both their professional and personal development. Adriana thrives on partnering with leaders to help them take a quantum leap in their professional career. Her most fulfilling moments are when leaders realise what they've achieved. They lead their lives with confidence and clarity. Taking someone from a place of not knowing how, to a journey of growth that's both professional and personal, is her end goal. The Ultimate Leadership Experience exists to teach leaders how they can elevate themselves, be better leaders, and create their own future.  

Barbara is author of twelve books and has been advising celebreties, entrepreneurs, managers, doctors, scientists, coaches, alternative practitioners and thousand others for more than twenty years.  

She has developed the 10 universal secrets of success from many years of working with very successful and wealthy people, from the study of Buddhist, Christian and Hindu principles of success, but above all from her ability to take deeper insight and understanding into the natural and universal laws.  

Her clear view of a person's potential and destiny, the core of his problems and their simple solution, has enabled many people to free themselves from their limitations, to develop greatness and to combine wisdom & wealth, success & and thereby to serve others.  

Barbara does not follow any particular philosophy. For her, life is the master. In the end, it is the result that counts how fulfilled we live everyday and contribute to the happiness of others. For 30 years she has been happy with her husband, which she considers a great gift.  

  Barbara Voedisch